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meet yaolin liu, duke kunshan university's new chancellor

liu has “a strong belief in international education” and “witnessed firsthand how an international education can change people's perspectives and broaden their horizons,” due to his academic background in china, europe and the united states.

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this duke professor’s research changed race-conscious college admissions. what does he have to say about the future?

arcidiacono, william henry glasson distinguished professor of economics, was retained by the petitioner, students for fair admissions, as an expert. among other results, arcidiacono found in 2022 that asian american applicants to harvard received significantly lower “personal ratings” and overall ratings than applicants of other races, despite there being “fairly small” racial differences in other factors that are considered in the admissions process.

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where do students go after duke? the career center may have some answers

the career center’s new data collection mechanism is significantly more comprehensive, with an 84% knowledge rate that includes information about students’ careers as late as the december after their graduation. although the career center only has data for the class of 2022 so far, the results of the new data collection method offer a glimpse into the lives of duke students post-graduation. 

duke dorms in 2017.  

a look at the greek groups that remain affiliated with duke, two years later

some chapters from these duke-affiliated councils noted financial support and programming convenience as being the main reasons they remain affiliated. they also mentioned that they serve a different role for duke students than the disaffiliated greek chapters. at the same time, some haven’t felt that duke administrators are as enthusiastic about working with them under quadex as they claim.