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welcome to 世界杯欧洲杯小组赛 , an entirely student-run, independent organization that has served as the campus watchdog for 118 years! now we are looking for new students to help continue 世界杯欧洲杯小组赛 ’s legacy as we enter our 119th year. and we’d love to have you on board.

we have many sections to offer incoming freshmen or returning duke students looking to get involved: news, sports, recess, features, photography, graphics, 2022卡塔尔世界杯比赛a组 , video and opinion. 

if you have any interest at all, please check out our recruitment facebook group (link to come) for information about getting involved. if you have questions, reach out to recruitment chair kathryn thomas.

we think it’s awesome to be part of an organization that is older than the university itself, and can say with certainty that working here has been one of the most impactful, unique, and incredible experiences we’ve had at duke. no other organization allows you to engage and connect with the community so extensively – and meet amazing, passionate people along the way.

everyone is welcome, whether you’ve been writing for years or have never picked up a newspaper in your life. so come see what we are all about!


what if i don’t like writing?

you don’t need to write to work at 世界杯欧洲杯小组赛 . roughly half our staff works in visual or technical departments that do not entail writing articles. whether it’s photography, online and print design, programming, 2022卡塔尔世界杯比赛a组 or social media, you don’t need to write articles to contribute in a meaningful way at 世界杯欧洲杯小组赛 .

do you have an application process?

with the exception of biweekly columnist positions, there are no applications necessary to begin working at 世界杯欧洲杯小组赛 . whether you want to write articles, take photos or video, design the website or print edition, all you need is interest. prior experience in any of these areas is more than welcome, but we train you and work with you in any area you might pursue at 世界杯欧洲杯小组赛 .

eventually, after developing some experience in a certain area, you are welcome to apply for staff positions, such as a staff writer within the news section.

do you only take people with certain majors or interests?

absolutely not. our staff spans every major from the humanities and social sciences to engineering. we have some graduate students on our staff as well. certain areas, such as web programming, may draw students with more technical backgrounds or interests, but we are open to all students across the university.

what’s the time commitment like?

broadly speaking, the time commitment is what you’re comfortable putting in based on your schedule. starting out in any department will likely take a few hours per week when you take assignments. if you take on a staff position, you are expected to contribute a certain amount of work, but the decision to do that comes with some experience and time at 世界杯欧洲杯小组赛 .

can i work in multiple departments?

definitely. if you’re starting out, it’s worth trying out different departments to see what you like. if you eventually decide to apply for staff positions with regular commitments, you may find it harder to balance across departments. that being said, many staff members have worked across multiple departments, and their editors worked with them to balance their interests. you should know that, if you are interested in writing for news, sports or recess, you cannot write for the opinion section.

what if i don’t want to go into journalism as a career?

we have numerous current students and graduates who were journalists at 世界杯欧洲杯小组赛 but did not pursue journalism as a profession. their career paths run the gamut from law and medicine to education, engineering, finance, consulting, the arts and other fields. many staff members find that the communication, leadership, research and critical thinking skills they developed can carry over to any profession, and enjoy the relationships that are formed through working in our organization..

of course, if you want to pursue journalism as a career, we have plenty of alumni at bloomberg, usa today, espn, vanity fair, the atlantic, the new york times, nbc news, the washington post and the wall street journal, among others. they, along with our alumni in other professions, can provide career advice and guidance.

世界杯欧洲杯小组赛 also maintains relationships with several leading state and national organizations, including bloomberg, to help secure summer internships for qualified staffers.

can i join later on during the academic year or during my time at duke?

absolutely. although we may not have formal info sessions or open houses, feel free to email our recruitment chair kathryn thomas for more information at any point during the year.